Strange behaviours…


“CARTER RUCK, you behave like NAZIS. You’re only short of concentration camps to throw your victims in! I hope that Mr Bennett reduces you to cinders next court. I hope that he DENOUNCES and SHOWS UP the LIES your darling clients have ridiculed YOU with. Do you realise that the WHOLE Planet will now know that you represent lying hypocrites?
And what do you call this? I call this being the DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, Sir!
also see: on BOOKS BANNING AND BURNING – Also Google – The Inquisition – The Middle Ages – Islam – Autodafé – Hitler – FASCISM
Here! Why don’t you ban THAT?!:

…which was supposedly, according to your (FEMALE) client, done by “Madeleine” herself, by “raiding mummy’s dressing table”…. see original press-statements… whereas in her BOOK your client STATES a completely different story!!!! She said that a PRIVATE BEAUTICIAN painted Maddy’s face at home!!!
(And if you do your search you will see that there are LOTS of ENORMOUS LIES!)
By the way, it looks like your clients have ALSO lied about the location + IMO the AGE of that child… What? THREE YEAR OLD, THIS?!) – because Trip Advisor shows this one in the ALGARVE, take a look:
…and see what the background is on the first photo (of this child with the DIRTY*, HEAVY make-up on!)
* MARKS are apparent, an old tear is also, she is sitting on a blue chair… tilting her head NOT looking happy. NOTE this photo was edited to ADD lightness – see photo above from the press for more accuracy… Where and when was this?)”

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